Click for larger view!Vancouver Island North and the mainland coast comprise over 15,000 square miles of wilderness. A magical place with such a broad spectrum of natural attributes, allowing visitors to choose from almost any activity they might be interested in; from the most extreme sports to the bliss of a sunset on a secluded beach.

Click for larger view!Tide Rip Tours
Experience the thrill of watching grizzly bears catch salmon on an isolated coastal stream. Explore deep into the rugged scenery of Knight Inlet while dolphins and porpoises play beside the boat. Black bears feed along the beach at low tide.
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Discovery Ocean Tours
Click for larger view !Your tour of the islands will include a gourmet luncheon at a remote resort nestled in the heart of the B.C. wilderness.You may come in close contact with Dent Rapids.You will travel through the famous 'Hole in the Wall'. All the while traveling in the comfort of the Sea Witch with an experienced guide pointing out the wonders of the sea and land.
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Vancouver Island Air & Sea Ltd.
Flightseeing the best way to enjoy the working coast of British Columbia is in one of our seaplanes. Twice daily flights, approximately 2 1/2 hours in length.
Marine Tour:
Spectacular scenery, Wildlife viewing, lunch at a remote lodge, shooting the rapids at Stuart Island, a real adventure.

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Motor Vessel Aurora Explorer
Journey off the beaten track" through the endless waterways of coastal British Columbia's Inside Passage, on an actual working freightboat.
Go where no big cruise ship will ever go as the ship delivers freight to logging camps, fish farms, and small coastal communities.
Twelve passengers, crew of six, 3-5 day cruises, March through October season. Enjoy spectacular scenery, wildlife and informal small group ambiance.
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Story Creek Golf Course
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The course offers a choice of four tee boxes depending on your level of play. Each fairway is enclosed in forest giving a sense of solitude and tranquillity. In fact, oftentimes, one feels like he is playing on his own private course, rarely catching glimpses of other foursomes. Of the eighteen holes there are five par 3, five par 5 and eight par 4, a little different than the traditional make-up of a par 72 course.
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For different  view please click picture!Spirit of the West
The Coast Mountain Range in the east provides a spectacular backdrop as we explore the fascinating marine environment our islands have to offer, with prime wildlife photography opportunities along the way. Here you can also encounter a variety of other marine life such as eagles, seals, seabirds, shorebirds, birds of prey, raccoons, deer, mink, otters, porpoises, Orcas and our rich and diverse intertidal life.

Stubbs Island

Click for larger view!Visit historic Telegraph Cove and join us on an educational and fun cruise. Cruises run from late May through mid-October. Once the killer whales (Orca) arrive in the area (typically between mid-to-late June) we have an over 90% success rate in sightings.

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